E-mail: chenhi.math at gmail.com or chenhi at gate.sinica.com.tw
Office: Astronomy Mathematics Building 天文數學館 618 (NTU 台大)
Hi. I'm Harrison Chen [陳奕元]. I am currently a postdoc at Academia Sinica in Taiwan. I will be on the job market starting Fall 2023.

Previously, I was a postdoc at Cornell University until 2021, a graduate student at UC Berkeley until 2018 under David Nadler, an undergraduate at MIT until 2011, and a student in the Chelmsford public school system until 2007.

Curriculum Vitae


all papers on the arXiv (published papers on MathSciNet), ORCID earlier date is first preprint, later date is publication date


representation theory seminar, spring 2023


old stuff from grad school (generally not updated)

selected past teaching

Geometric Representation Theory (Math 7390 @ Cornell, Spring 2021)
Algebraic Geometry (Math 6670 @ Cornell, Fall 2019)
Introduction to Analysis (Math 104 @ UC Berkeley, Summer 2014)


A collection of articles detailing the mass incarceration of Uyghurs in China (not written by myself)

things i like in places i've lived
people i think are great
spruce beer recipe
some unfinished business

Legal texts from the Japanese colonial era on Taiwan
Street mural in rural Yunlin [雲林]
Old television repurposed as aquarium
at a cafe called 存憶 in Tainan [台南]